Technical Rules of Shooting and Anti-doping Regulations.


Below are downloadable PDF files containing the ICFRA Shooting Rules for TR and F Class Shooting. Versions are provided suitable for printing in A4; also where designated in A6 format for inclusion in ICFRA Rulebooks. In addition, the Anti-doping Rules of the Confederation - which are themselves Technical Rules - are also appended.

Technical Rules for TR Shooting (2019 Edition) :-   Click here to download this file

Technical Rules for F Class Shooting  (2018 Edition):-  Click here to download this file

F-Class Shooting Rules together with FC World Championship Match Conditions  in A6  format for inclusion in complete rule books:- To follow

TR Shooting Rules in A6 Format for inclusion in complete rule books:- To follow.

Anti-Doping Rules:-   Click here to download this file ....

You can find a downloadable blank Therapeutic Use Exemption form in MS WORD format here:- ICFRA TUE