The 2009 F-Class World Championships

The Full results of the 2009 F-Class World Championships are to be found on the "Results" Page.

At the preceding Bisley Meeting, Mr DN Kent (GB) won the F-Class Grand Aggregate and the USA won the "F-Class International Match".

The Individual Match was shot over Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 June.  The unseasonable weather experienced throughout the preceding Bisley Meeting continued, with Monday being cloudy with rain showers; though Tuesday was drier and warmer, with a brisk left wind which altered rapidly for strength.  The Individual Winner was Gary Costello of GB, with Des Parr, also of GB taking the silver medal.

The weather did not relent for the Teams Match, though the first day did not see actual rain.  Great Britain  took the lead over the USA by a single point at the first range, and increased their lead at each successive distance. A grim forecast for day 2 was not realised when the major storm blew through in the middle of the night: nevertheless during the shoot there were two sudden squalls with lashing rain and substantial gusts and angle-swings in the wind; which the most experienced coaches let blow through.  GB were never going to be caught, pulling ever further away, but a battle for second developed between USA and defending Champions RSA, resolved in favour of the former on the vee count.  USA had their revenge on Great Britain, winning the Rutland Match in fine style, and also in the F(TR) Fours Match.

The matches were notable also for the first appearance of Spain as a shooting Nation - the steepness of the learning-curve did not dampen their good spirits - and the appearance of a Team from the Republic of Ireland, so qualifying for full Membership of ICFRA.

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